Do you have a functioning office in Akwa-Ibom, Calabar, Enugu, Asaba/Onitsha, Ilorin, Akure, or Osogbo ? Become a GVC Partner Today & Start Earning #200,000 per month.

Note: Prospective partners are expected to have their own office and ready to use GVC brand. Partners will enjoy  our digital advertisement support by listing their office address on our website to drive clients and increase revenues.

Please forward your office address (in any of the above locations), full name and mobile number to, to confirm your eligibility. 

If you don’t have an office you can still become a GVC Travel Agent from any part of the country. Please read below on how to apply and attend our training. 

Confirm Your Name & Agent Code As An Approved Travel Agent With Us:

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Note: Before You Apply

Kindly read all the content to the last full stop to acquire basic travel training, learn more about the job, select a training location and attend, and start making minimum of #200,000 per month using our proven business ideas.

Brief About Us:

We are the first financial travel assistance company registered in England, Wales, Nigeria and South Africa.

Why You Should Become A Registered GVC Travel Agent:

We are looking for 100 dedicated and passionate people that are willing to expand and offer financial travel assistance for prospective clients in Nigeria. We have designed a unique agent code to enable the selected travel agents to offer lower discount for their clients. This discount can only be obtainable from agents. That is, if GVC offers 50% discount, our agents can offer 55% for their clients. The idea is to enable you to retain your clients, gain loyalty and increase your commission.  Also to give our agents a sense of belonging in the business.  We hope to share more during the training.

  1. Earn a minimum of #40,000 on every client.
  2. Get paid every week.
  3. Opportunity to visit Dubai/South Africa with all expenses paid for within 2 months of satisfactory performance.
  4. Opportunity to visit other countries with travel support from us.
  5. Opportunity to ride your own GVC Car within 6 months of satisfactory performance.
  6. Opportunity to work from home or a shared office space.
  7. Opportunity to meet your clients and close deals from our various offices in Nigeria.
  8. Ability to offer a reduced discount service charge than GVC itself with your unique agent code.
  9. Opportunity to retain your clients with a reduced discount which is only obtainable from agents.
  10. Offer Financial Travel Assistance for your clients.
  11. Ability to build your own network marketing team (sub-travel agents) to increase your income per month.
  12. Option to use your own business name and website.
  13. Opportunity to organise tours within West Africa & Nigeria using GVC Transport Line to make additional income.
  14. Get Trained & Certified by the best Travel Company in Nigeria.

Registration Fee, Training Dates & Venues:

Registration, Training & Certification: #10,000.

Account details:


Diamond – 0034703134

GTB – 0122583671

  • Lagos- Sat, Oct 29; Nov 12 & Dec 10, 2016.
  • Abuja- Sat, Nov 26; Dec 10, 2016.
  • PH- Sat, Nov 19, 2016 & Dec 10, 2016.

Training Venues:

LAGOS- NUCFAM HOTEL, Adjacent FRSC Office, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos.

ABUJA- FLAT A ZONE B29 Apo Resettlement, Abuja. (Direction: Left Turning before Shoprite GrandMall, Ask of Zone B Junction, Second House on the street).

ABEOKUTA- Jofax Filling Station, Abiola way, Abeokuta.

IBADAN – 2nd Floor, Lister Building, Beside High Court, Ring Road, Ibadan.


PORT-HARCOURT- Suite 2, Bema Plaza, 24 Isiokpo Street, D/line, Port-Harcourt.


For further information on how to become an agent, partnership or open an office:

Please send a mail to

Basic Introduction To Travel Industry

Travel industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and possible the fastest growing industry in Nigeria. Experience have shown that minimum of 7 out 10 Nigerians from the age 25 years and above are presently willing to engage the services of people in this industry; and thus making it a lucrative industry in the country due to large population of Nigeria.

The industry include; Flight Ticketing, Tours & Holiday, Hospitality & Hotels, and Visa Consultation.

Flight Ticketing

This is a very good section of the industry where one can make millions of Naira every month if you have the necessary requirements. However, it is capital intensive to establish a ticketing company except you wish to become an affiliate with an existing ticketing companies in Nigeria such as Wakanow and Travelstart.

Tours & Holiday

This part of travel industry is just growing in Nigeria. Average Nigerians don’t believe in tour and holiday either within the country or outside.  But recently, we have noticed some number of people willing to have holiday within Nigeria, West Africa and beyond.

To organise a tour in countries where visas are required (especially countries with strict immigration rules) might not be very easy to sell and get customers within a stipulated period.  Therefore, it is always good to start this particular business by organising tours within Nigeria and West Africa Countries if you are new in the business.

With the support of GVC Transport Line, you will not have a problem as we already had a modern bus with capacity of 30 seats and necessary legal papers to navigate the shores of West Africa easily.

As a GVC Travel Agent, you can simply book for the bus, advertise and get your clients easily. You will learn more during the physical training.

Hospitality & Hotels

Hotel business is now very common in Nigeria. Nigerians who can afford to build one are really making good money. Depending on the location and class of the hotel, owners can make up to #200,000 profit per day.

Visa Consultation/Assistance

This is the most lucrative part of the travel industry if one is honest, genuine and reliable in the business. You can set up this business from your home with a little capital. It is flexible and attract millions of customers if you can offer them what they need. You can grow faster in the business if you lean on the success of an existing reliable travel company like GVC.

To start with, you as a travel agent needs to understand the kind of visa assistance people are looking for? Once you know this and you can offer it; then you can become a successful millionaire in the industry.


Why People Need The Services Of A Travel (Visa) Agent

In Nigeria today, the most important reasons why people will seek for you visa assistance are:

  1. Experience and time
  2. Financial Travel Capacity

Note: Only people that have the above two will not seek for your assistance. However, experience have proved that minimum of 10 Million Nigerians are currently seeking for your assistance because they don’t have either one or the two requirements stated above.

Experience and time – we have some Nigerians who are well to do but they don’t have the experience or time or both to do the visa processing themselves.  The category of these people are willing to pay a genuine travel agent or agency for their services.

Financial Travel Capacity – this is the most important aspect that will make people to seek for visa assistance.

Average Nigerians who are willing to travel outside the country already know the visa requirements but because financial capacity is the most crucial one that will facilitate the success of their visa applications; they are seeking and willing to pay a genuine travel company that can solve their problem.


In view of this, GVC Travel & Tours- Financial Assistance Travel Services was established to offer financial solutions for travellers to facilitate the success of their visa applications.

GVC is the first financial travel company in Nigeria today.  We provide financial travel services to minimum of 100 Nigerians every month. We are expanding and willing to welcome travel agents who are interested in offering such services to people.  Together with our dedicated travel agents and you, we can attain a target of 400 customers per month by December.

Most Important Things About Visa Processing:

Evidence of Financial Capacity is the most crucial visa requirement. Experience have proved that evidence of sufficient funds and reliable supporting travel documents increases the success of visa applications.

Since it is no longer news that visa issuing is solely at the discretion of the visa officer (consular), therefore it is important that your visa application convince the visa officer.

What visa officer/consular is looking for before issuing a visa?

Strong ties to convince them that you will leave their country after your intended stay.

How do you demonstrate your strong ties to your home country?

Evidence of financial capacity is the most crucial requirement here. It must be demonstrated to satisfy your job type and position. It should be in your personal bank account.  It will increase the success of your visa application up to 85%.

For unemployed graduate or low-income employee (especially for study purposes), proof of fund such as scholarship/study grant/sponsor letter should be included.

In the case of undergraduate or under age, sufficient fund must be available in your sponsor’s bank account. The closing balance should be atleast 3 times greater than what you need for your study visa application.

Other proof of strong ties include; marriage certificate (if married) and property. These are optional requirements.

NB: Evidence of financial capacity (your bank statement) must be genuine because this document is subject to verification. 

When dealing with a travel agent, please ask questions about this to avoid fake agents landing you in trouble. Most of them can’t assist you financially. Any travel agent that is not financially buoyant with years of experience can’t offer you the best travel services you need.

Advantages of genuine financial capacity in visa processing if properly demonstrated:

  • It increases the chance of getting a visa up to 85%.
  • Travel history may not be necessary if evidence of financial capacity is strong enough.
  • It helps you to avoid travel ban.
  • It gives you confidence and peace of mind especially during your visa processing at the embassy.

Finally, since visa issuing is at the discretion of the visa officer (consular) please try to know the refusal policy of the travel agency before committing yourself.

Most reliable travel agencies must have refusal policy for their clients at no extra service fee.


We’ve got the best refusal policy to save your money and give you access to travel services to 3 different countries…that is, with our one-time service charge you can re-apply to three (3) different countries when your visa application is denied. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

GVC don’t have a refund policy but a refusal policy as stated above. Don’t forget we only offer services like doctors. Always ask your clients what happen if he or she pays to a doctor for an operation?

How To Offer Financial Assistance Travel Services

Since it is now understood that financial assistance is the most crucial thing you need to drive your clients; GVC will provide the financial travel assistance for all your clients and other related visa services as a travel agent with us.

You don’t need to charge your client extra service fee or add to our own charge. Infact you will be able to charge them a lower fee than what we charge as a parent company using your unique travel agent code.

Selling & Earning More-Travel Agent Discount Code

As a parent company, it is part of our obligations to ensure that travel agents have the following;

  1. Sense of belonging to the parent company.
  2. Don’t lose their clients to parent company.
  3. Drive more sales.
  4. Sell and earn more.
  5. Confidence to refer your clients to our office since they can only get a lower discount from agent.

In view of these, we have recently introduced a discount code. As a travel agent, your unique travel agent code can be used as a discount code on our website to offer lower service charge for your clients.

For instance, GVC currently offer 50% discount for people, with you own agent code you can offer 55% which means that your clients will prefer to use your own code even if they get to our website or contact our own staff.

The code can be used for online payment or pay the equivalent to our parent company bank account.

Therefore, your clients have no choice than to contact you even if they pay to the parent company bank account before the discount can be accepted; otherwise they will pay more. You can also tell them to quote your agent code when making the payment for the company to accept it.


Getting Your Clients

This is the most important aspect in any business. To be a successful travel agent you must know the following:

  • Who are your potential clients?
  • Where are they?
  • How do you reach them?

Your potential clients include; parents, graduates, students, artisans, etc. They are everywhere. Based on our experience in the business, the best and the cheapest way to reach them are via;

  1. Word of mouth (Network marketing)
  2. Online marketing (Digital marketing).

Network Marketing

As a travel agent of GVC, we recommend you establish and build your own network marketing to help you in spreading your campaigns. We shall allow you to create maximum of 10 sub-travel agents to join your network. Each sub-travel agent will also have their own unique agent code to offer the same discount like you. You will earn a certain commission on every client from your sub-travel agents.  You will learn more in the next topic.

Note: network marketing is very good if you don’t really have money for advert.

Facebook Marketing

At GVC, facebook marketing is working for us. It is the best so far. You can reach thousands of Nigerians every week through facebook adverts at a lower cost. You will simply need to create a facebook page and do a “sponsored post”. It is far better than the conventional flyers distribution where you can only reach people that can collect the flyers.

For instance, it costs about #10 to produce a very good flyer, additional money for people that will distribute it. So if your target is to reach minimum of 50,000 people, it means it will cost you about #250,000 minimum to achieve.

But with facebook advert you can achieve that number with just #30,000 only.

Commission Payment & Compensation Plan

At GVC, we offer the best commission for our travel agents.

Main Travel Agent (MTA)

Commission per Client – #40,000. Payment is every week.

Commission per STA’s client: #15,000. Payment is every week.

Note: It is mandatory that every MTA must have atleast one client every month. The company will convert MTA to STA after consecutive two months of no client.

Sub- Travel Agent (STA)

Commission per Client – #25,000. Payment is every week.

How Much You Can Earn As A Main Travel Agent (MTA)

You can minimum of #200,000 per month if you are dedicated from direct sales only. You can earn additional #150,000 if you can raise and manage effectively minimum of 10 Sub-travel agents.

Compensation Plan

As MTA, you will get the below compensation aside your commission if you achieve this number of clients within the stipulated timeframe.

Note: You can quickly achieve this with using your STA effectively.

Number of Clients Timeframe Compensation
20 Within 2 months Free Trip To Dubai/South Africa
40 Within 6 months GVC Car




Sometimes you don’t need to pay a travel agent to assist you in processing your visa application because visa issuing is solely at the discretion of the consular (or visa officer).

However, the experience and kind of genuine services render by the travel agents or agencies can facilitate the success of your visa application.

Frankly speaking, you do not need to pay a travel agent if you possess the following:

  1. Experience and time
  2. Financial Travel Capacity

Experience and Time

It is very important that you understand the visa requirements; and prepare your visa supporting documents to justify the requirements before submitting your visa application to the embassy.

If you have the knowledge and time to get this done plus the financial travel capacity to demonstrate, you may not need the service of any travel agent.

Financial Travel Capacity

This is the most crucial visa requirement. Your knowledge about visa processing is not enough if you don’t have the financial travel capacity to demonstrate at the embassy.

You can learn more about the importance of Financial Travel Capacity in our previous post titled “MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VISA PROCESSING” or read below.

In conclusion, if you do not meet the two aforementioned requirements you will definitely need the service of a genuine travel agent or agency.

Therefore, you must be satisfied that the travel agency can provide you the above two services before you patronise.

You must also have in mind that only very few travel agencies in Nigeria can provide you financial travel assistance as many do not have the financial capacity or buoyant enough to assist you financially.



I am Balogun from Lagos. I contacted GVC about few months ago for their financial travel assistance and reliable visa experience to complete my Canada Study and Work Visa Application.

I already obtained my admission letter from another travel agent. But the agent advised me to contact GVC for the aforementioned services to have a better chance of getting my visa which I did.

I received all the necessary supports within just two (2) days. The staff were amazing and got valuable experience in dealing with similar issues. Even though, they were not the visa officer to determine the outcome of my visa application, they gave me the confidence to go ahead and hope for the best.

I got my four (4) years Canada Study & Work Visa with their assistance.

I will never forget your travel company because you gave me hope- despite the fact that I did not pay a tuition fee to the school.

Big thanks to everyone in GVC.



Our existence is to build happy travellers by providing reliable travel solutions. Our success is vested in our clients’ successes… They are everywhere!


High success rate than any registered travel company in Nigeria…


The most reliable travel & tour company that can assist you financially…


Experience have proved that evidence of sufficient funds and reliable supporting travel documents increases the success of visa applications…we got you covered!


Our services are delivered by a team of travel expertise with international exposure and traceable successful achievements.


We’ve got the best refusal policy to save your money and give you access to travel services to 3 different countries…that is, with our one-time service charge you can re-apply to three (3) different countries when your visa application is denied. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.


We are committed to building and delivering a world-class user friendly travel portal to reduce travel processing time…


Our personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!


Helpline 1: 0809-569-6767
Helpline 2: 0809-569-6768

Helpline 3: 0809-569-6752

Helpline 4: 0817-354-1253
Helpline 5: 0817-354-1251




7, Obafalabi Street, Ojodu Berger Bus-stop, Lagos (Top Apartment).Landmark: Zenith & GTBank.


FLAT A ZONE B29 Apo Resettlement, Abuja. (Direction: Left Turning before Shoprite GrandMall, Ask of Zone B Junction, Second House on the street).


Jofax Filling Station, Abiola way, Abeokuta.


2nd Floor, Lister Building, Beside High Court, Ring Road, Ibadan.


7, OWA Street, Off URUBI (Turning Before OANDO Filling Station), Benin City.


Suite 2, Bema Plaza, 24 Isiokpo Street, D/line, Port-Harcourt.


Suite 22/23, Dr. Akinyosoye Shopping Complex, beside Adesuper Hotel, Akure-Ilesha Road, Akure.

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