For how long will you fund the travel bank account?

1 year

How many countries can I use the account for?

You can use it for up three (3) countries. We shall keep running the account for 1 year but help you to boost the closing balance just for 3 times. It means with our own support, you can use it for 3 different countries within 1 year.

Can I use the account to apply for Canada study & work?

Yes, and other countries.

Can I use the account for my personal purposes?

Yes. You can deposit and withdraw money from the account. You will also be given a MasterCard to carry out daily transactions.

How do you intend to fund the account and safe guard your funds?

We have mutual agreement with a reliable commercial bank and over 20 registered payroll companies to fund and run the account perfectly. In addition, you won’t be able to withdraw our own money. You can only withdraw and spend yours.