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The first step in achieving your travel goal is to tell us about your travel destination and your budget.


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Yes, Genuine Visa Consult is our name and we must defend our name. At this point, expect your visa within the given period and get ready to move.

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What Our Clients Say

I was surprised to get my Canada Work Permit Visa In not more than 5 weeks after application. Thank you GVC Travel & Tours’ Team, keep it up. I will make sure to spread the words among my friends.
Kunle J. Ladipo
Really quick and easy! I received notification that our visa ( Family Permanent Resident Visa) were ready within 2 Months of making the application. I thank God for bringing GVC at the right time. I count myself very lucky achieving this travel success to my desired destination and for not loosing my money. I will recommend Genuine Visa Consult to my friends and family for their travel plans.
Mrs. Jane Uwaoma
This was an amazing experience for me as I don’t have to go to embassy taking a day off from work and wait in the queue to for visa application. Using GVC for document packaging and visa application is simply an exciting experience and I highly recommend this traveling agency. They Wowed me.

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